Kitchen Consultation

Kitchen consultation from a New York City natural foods personal chef and holistic health counselor specializing in vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and kosher cuisine

cateringsigns300px.JPGPreparing health-supportive foods requires a health-supportive kitchen.  Maintaining that kitchen can be time-consuming and very difficult.  Perhaps you're unsure of which ingredients are better for you and which you will actually use.  Sit down with Eli and take the stress out of your kitchen so that it stops hindering your health goals.  Eli can assist you in remaking your kitchen - getting rid of clutter, stocking the cabinets with healthy, wholesome food, and helping you with recipe and menu planning along the way.

What to Expect

  • 2 hour session (multiple sessions are often necessary)
  • Overview on healthy cooking and healthy eating, based on you or your family’s needs
  • Cleanup of your pantry and refrigerator, and subsequent makeover to a well-stocked natural foods kitchen (groceries at additional cost)
  • Kitchen equipment recommendation for full enjoyment of cooking healthy foods
  • Meal suggestions that cater specifically to your needs and preferences
  • Option for a discounted market tour to learn the best products to buy for you and your family
  • Cost: $150

Contact Eli to get started!

Kitchen Registry Consultation for Engaged Couples

This is the perfect engagement gift for any couple getting ready to set up their home together.

Outfitting a kitchen can seem like an overwhelming undertaking for a newly engaged couple, especially when the couple has many other important preparations.

A kitchen registry consultation helps couples take the mystery out of choosing the best kitchen equipment to last a lifetime - the best brand of chef's knives, the right pans, and the most essential items you'll want in your kitchen - to suit their unique lifestyle and interests.  Eli takes into account the couple's budget, their likes/dislikes, and her expert knowledge of craftsmanship, environmental safety, and value.

What to Expect

  • 3 hour consultation
  • Eli travels to the couple's desired location to sift through which items need to be improved upon and which are missing.
  • Together, they will go to the store where the couple is registered or go online to the couple's designated sites.
  • Cost: $200

Contact Eli to arrange this for an engaged couple!

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