Cooking Classes

Cooking classes from a New York City natural foods personal chef and holistic health counselor specializing in vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and kosher cuisine

education300px.jpgEat with Eli offers both private and public cooking classes. Check the Events page for upcoming public classes!

Cooking classes come in many shapes and sizes, customized to meet your needs. Eat with Eli is dedicated to pinpointing exactly what new skills you would like to hone:

  • Realistic family meals, even when you're exausted
  • Health-supportive cuisine specific to you or your family's needs
  • An ethnic specialty that excites your palate
  • Holiday-centered fare that's sure to impress
  • Many, many others!

What to Expect

  • Where: your home or a community kitchen
  • When: ~2.5 hours
  • What:
    • Tasting of all food
    • Recipe/skills booklet to practice your new knowledge
    • Participation: demonstration, partial participation, or complete participation
  • Who: maximum 12 people (please call for larger classes)

Sample Classes

  • ​Basic Knife Skills
    • ​Learn the basics of using a chef's knife, including both French and Japanese knife skills. Learn how to buy the best knife for you and how to keep it sharp! We will work on various knife cuts, to make your cooking look like a pro! And we'll make a delicious vegetable soup while we're at it.
  • Healthy Cooking 101
    • Coconut oil, flax seeds, omega-3's, whole grains, dried beans, agave nectar - it's all so confusing! Eli will guide you through the basics of healthy cooking, including a few delicious dishes, including lemony lentil soup, vegan jello (but so much better!), and applesauce oat cookies.
  • Pickling 101
    • Pickles just like your grandmother's! Eli will guide you through the process of making authentic dill pickles, sauerkraut, even delicious Korean kim-chi. She'll also teach you to make vinegar based bread & butter pickles. She will discuss the health benefits of lacto-fermentation, and the how-to's of preserving your own food.
  • Baking 101
    • Eli was once terrified of baking - all of that measuring, exact timings - it was too much! But she got over it and now loves to bake. From healthy banana bread to delicious vegan chocolate mousse cake, Eli will teach you the ropes and a few basic goodies! You'll learn how to tell and feel when something's done and how to get over your fears.
  • Healthy Challah Baking
    • Learn how to make beautiful and delicious challah - chewy and light, while still using whole wheat flours. Eli will show you how to make beautiful braids and decorations and how to get your challah shiny and golden, too.
  • Middle Eastern Feast
    • During this class you will make some delicious Middle Eastern delicacies including zaatar pita chips, spiced olives, hummus, tabbouleh and baklava. Learn how easy it is to make all of these dishes at home. This is some of Eli's very favorite cuisine!
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