Edible Education

Learn from a New York City natural foods personal chef and certified holistic health counselor specializing in vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and kosher cuisine

education125px.jpgCooking Classes

Experience a wide array of ethnic and health-oriented hands-on classes. Eli has traveled worldwide to bring you culinary expertise in a wide variety of cuisine.

romanesco125px.JPGMarket Tours

Empower yourself in any food environment, especially the natural foods market.  Become an educated consumer on how to best improve your shopping mindset to realize your health goals.

rootvegetables125px.jpgNutrition Counseling

Learn to take better care of yourself, to be mindful of your nutritional state, and make better choices as part of a holistic approach to wellness

cateringsigns125px.JPGKitchen Consultation

Sit down with Eli and take the stress out of your kitchen so that it stops hindering your health goals. In just a few hours, your kitchen will be supporting you in its function.

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